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Patti Smith

Various Tracks

Poem for Jim Morrison & Bumblebee (11:45)

The Histories of the Universe (7:46)

Parade (6:07)

dont smoke in bed (movie)

Patti Smith (b. 1946)


Patti Smith moved to New York in the late 1960s and, over the next few years, while living with photographer Robert Mapplethorpe, established a reputation as a writer of fierce vision and uncompromising originality. She trafficked in the underground theater scene (where she collaborated with playwright Sam Shepard on the play Cowboy Mouth) and published poems in small press editions, which, along with her published rock criticism, established Smith in the New York arts scene of the early 1970s.

Her February 1971 poetry reading at St. Mark's Church, where rock critic Lenny Kaye joined her for three songs on guitar, opened the door for her future recordings. The two hit it off right away, discovering a shared interest in obscure rock records. Two years later, Smith and Kaye reunited for a concert in celebration of Rimbaud, and the seeds for a band were sown. Adding Richard Sohl on piano the following year, the trio found regular gigs in and around New York.
Poem for Jim Morrison & Bumblebee (11:45)
from The Nova Convention (Giorno Poetry Systems, 1978)
Parade (6:07)
from Sugar, Alcohol, Meat (Giorno Poetry Systems)
The Histories of the Universe (7:46)
Recorded at St. Marks Church, NYC, Jan 1, 1975 from Big Ego (Giorno Poetry Systems, 1978)
Patti Smith: "Autobiography"
(Spanish subtitles)

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